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Good morning. Today is Sunday, the 17th day of January. It's the 17th day of the year. This is a leap year, so there are 348 days remaining in 2021. On the Jewish calendar, today is the 4th day of Shevat in the year 5781. On this date in 1821, Mexico permitted Moses Austin and 300 U.S. families to settle in Texas.

This website is a demonstration of smart content rendering. The content updates continuously without the help of Internet monkeys. All the information was current at the time you arrived here. If you're looking for information on the technology, it's at the bottom of this page.

Today in History

It's the birthday of founding father Benjamin Franklin. Though Philadelphia is regarded as his home, he was born in Boston on this day in 1706. Franklin had a natural curiosity about how things work. He spent much of his life searching for ways for people to live better. After he retired from the printing business in 1749, he turned his attention to science and inventions. He had already invented a safer, heat-efficient stove--called the Franklin stove--which he never patented because he created it for the good of society. He also established the first fire company and came up with the idea of fire insurance.

When he grew tired of taking off and putting on his glasses, Franklin had two pairs of spectacles cut in half and put half of each lens in a single frame, now called bifocals. His brother was plagued with kidney stones, so Franklin created a flexible urinary catheter to help him feel better. Among Franklin's other inventions are swim fins, the glass armonica (a musical instrument), the odometer, and the lightning rod.

Franklin eventually retired from public service to spend his time reading and studying. He found, however, that his age left him unable to reach the high shelves in his library. He invented a tool called a "long arm"--a long wooden pole with a grasping claw at the end--to reach the books he wanted to read.

Today's Birthday Boys and Girls

Today is the birthday of Pope Pius V (1504), Benjamin Franklin (1706), John Stanley (1712), Anne Bronte (1820), Anton Chekhov (1860), Mack Sennett (1884), Al Capone (1899), Betty White (1922), Eartha Kitt (1927), Vidal Sassoon (1928), James Earl Jones (1931), Shari Lewis (1934), Maury Povich (1939), Muhammad Ali (1942), Andy Kaufman (1949), Anthony Glise (1956), Susanna Hoffs (1959), Jim Carrey (1962), Kid Rock (1971), Dwayne Wade (1982), and Yvonne Zima (1989).

On Wall Street

About the stock numbers: There's no current stock market reporting at the moment because of a snag in the link that retrieves the data and gets it to the screen. The stock market stuff is on the work bench until it's working again.

The New York Stock Exchange is currently closed. At closing on Friday, the NASDAQ was up by to . The S&P500 index closed at , up by .

Note: During trading hours all data is in real time. The data is preserved at the end of the trading day. It remains until the next opening bell. The process of retrieving stock info involves many links between the sources and what you're reading on the screen. At the moment, there's a technical issue up the line with the DJ average. Occasionally, the data appears as random characters. If there's numerical data on the screen, it's accurate. The other indicies are working and accurate.

Earth and All Spheres

The current weather conditions and forecast usually appear in this section. However, there have been technical issues the last few days with the NOAA system, so the data is not always available. Reloading the page will sometimes bring up the info. We are under a waxing crescent moon. At the time you accessed this page, its exact age was 3 days, 21 hours, and 12 minutes. We will be under a new moon again on Thursday, February 11th at 6:16 PM CST. The moon will reach full luminescence on Wednesday, January 27th at 11:54 PM. For now, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are visible in the night sky. Mars, seen in the southern sky, is clearly visible and its red glow clearly identifies it. It can be seen beginning at nightfall; it moves slowly in a westerly fashion before disappearing. Mercury can be seen in the eastern sky just before dawn.

We are under the sign of Capricorn in the 27th day of winter, which arrived in the Northern Hemisphere on December 21st at 4:02 AM CST with the occurrence of the Winter Equinox. On the date of the Equinox, the sunrise and sunset times were 5:12 AM CDT and 7:23 PM CDT. For today, our sunrise and sunset times (at -96.852/32.847) are 7:18 AM and 5:39 PM, giving us 10 hours and 21 minutes of daylight. For now, we're on Daylight Saving Time. We will switch to Standard Time on Sunday, November 1st at 2:00 AM, following the NIST standard.

The Technology

This site is a working demonstration of on-demand PHP scripting. The code tightly integrates computed and imported data with text, spewing forth natural-sounding narrative output with flawless syntax. The birthdays, history section and the text below--which all change daily--are from an in-house database. Raw data used in the financial and weather sections is imported at page generation time. All the other data, particularly the celestial stuff, is derived and rendered by several hundred lines of code at the time the page request reaches the server. THIS SITE IS SELF-MAINTAINING. The daily content updates at midnight CST. The weather target is -96.852/32.847.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed lamb.

Benjamin Franklin, Royal Society Fellow,
born on this day 315 years ago
in Boston, Massachusetts.


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