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Good morning. Today is Monday, the 28th day of May. It's the 148th day of the year. We're not in a leap year, so there are 217 days remaining in 2018. On the Jewish calendar, today is the 14th day of Sivan in the year 5778. On this day in 1888 in Clermont-Ferrand,France, douard and Andr‚ Michelin incorporated the Michelin tire company to manufacture tires for horse-drawn carriages and bicycles. They didn't manufacture pneumatic tires until after 1890.

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Today in History: Jim and Tammy Faye on "Nightline"

It was on this day in 1987 that Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker appeared on "Nightline" after the PTL scandal became public. At that point, it was just that--a scandal--and the Bakkers vehemently denied all the allegations against their "ministry." Ted Koppel introduced the segment of the program by saying, "The extravagant use of money and power have always fascinated us. Now, toss in a couple of other ingredients--sex and religion--and you have the makings of the most watched 'Nightline' program ever." Koppel, in his characteristic fashion, asked hard, direct questions about allegations that had surfaced as recently as earlier that very day. Jim admitted to having a 15 to 20 minute tryst with secretary Jessica Hawn, but he and Tammy Faye glibly denied any other wrong doings, including financial impropriety.

Actress/Evangelist Tammy Faye BakerIn a subsequent interview a few days later, Koppel introduced the segment by saying, "I was very much concerned before that first interview that I not do them an injustice and I think that I was probably a little too easy on them that first time. By the time Jim Bakker came back on 'Nightline' I felt he'd been a little too successful in ducking the hard questions. I was a lot tougher that I'd been in the first interview." He opened by asking of Bakker, "Why does Jim Bakker have to inflict himself on the American public? Why is it necessary for you to maintain... I mean, what kind of a role model do you think you are? After Bakker's attempt to again duck the issue, Koppel continued with "Why should you be preaching anything? Why should you be restored as a minister?" When Bakker asked if he was suggesting that he should not return to his position of control, Koppel responded, "I'm asking that with a healthy dose of cynicism. I'm saying here is a man who mismanaged funds..." Bakker broke in and said that there was no money missing and the allegations were a hoax perpetrated by Jerry Falwell.

The "hoax" landed Bakker in prison for a five-year stint, but Tammy Faye went free, then founded her own church in Florida. In 1994 the Bakkers' son, Jay, co-founded the Revolution Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Jay presently preaches at the New York City branch of Revolution Church, which holds services at the nightclub Pete's Candy Store, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. The heavily tattooed and pierced younger Bakker calls himself an "outlaw" preacher, although in the eyes of the law, the title is perhaps better suited to his father. [Editor's note: You can't make this stuff up. Yes, life truly imitates fiction.]

Today's Birthday Boys and Girls

Today is the birthday of George I (1660), Joseph Ignace Guillotin (1738), Eliza Ann Gardner (1831), G K Chesterton (1874), Jim Thorpe (1888), Ian Fleming (1908), T-Bone Walker (1910), Carroll Baker (1931), Dionne quintuplets (1934), Rudolph Giuliani (1944), Gladys Knight (1944), John Fogerty (1945), Glen Rice (1967), Kylie Minogue (1968), Jesse Bradford (1979), and Joseph Cross (1986).

On Wall Street

About the stock numbers: There's no current stock market reporting at the moment because of a snag in the link that retrieves the data and gets it to the screen. The stock market stuff is on the work bench until it's working again.

The New York Stock Exchange is currently closed. At closing on Friday, the NASDAQ was up by to . The S&P500 index closed at , up by .

Note: During trading hours all data is in real time. The data is preserved at the end of the trading day. It remains until the next opening bell. The process of retrieving stock info involves many links between the sources and what you're reading on the screen. At the moment, there's a technical issue up the line with the DJ average. Occasionally, the data appears as random characters. If there's numerical data on the screen, it's accurate. The other indicies are working and accurate.

Earth and All Spheres

The overall weather conditions at Love Field were reported as a few clouds at 1:53 AM CDT. The temperature was 81F, and the relative humidity was 67%, pushing the heat index up to a slightly unpleasant 84F. It's hot outdoors, especially for this late in the summer.

Love Field's average high and low temperatures for today, May 28, are 87 and 68 respectively. In general, Dallas temperatures were much colder during the winter than usual, but that's history at this point, and it seems that spring will arrive in pretty much the usual fashion. The temperature on this day reached a record high of 96 in 1954. An all-time evening low of 54 was recorded in 1992. More [...]. For the seven-day forecast [click here].

We are under a full moon. At the time you accessed this page, its exact age was 13 days, 8 hours, and 12 minutes. We will be under a new moon again on Wednesday, June 13th at 7:02 AM CDT. The moon will reach full luminescence on Tuesday, May 29th at 12:40 PM. For now, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are visible in the night sky. Mars, seen in the southern sky, is clearly visible and its red glow clearly identifies it. It can be seen beginning at nightfall; it moves slowly in a westerly fashion before disappearing. Mercury can be seen in the eastern sky just before dawn.

We are under the sign of Gemini in the 157th day of winter, which arrived in the Northern Hemisphere on December 21st at 5:45 PM CDT with the occurrence of the Winter Solstice, marked by the shortest day of the year. Winter will end on March 21st at 6:45 AM CDT with the occurrence of the Spring Equinox. For today, our sunrise and sunset times (at -96.852/32.847) are 6:15 AM and 8:16 PM, giving us 14 hours and 1 minute of daylight. For now, we're on Standard Time. We will switch to Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, March 11th at 2:00 AM when our clocks will magically roll forward to 3:00 AM, following the NIST standard.

The Technology

This site is a working demonstration of on-demand PHP scripting. The code tightly integrates computed and imported data with text, spewing forth natural-sounding narrative output with flawless grammar and syntax. The birthdays, history section and the text below--which all change daily--are from an in-house database. Raw data used in the financial and weather sections is imported at page generation time. All the other data, particularly the celestial stuff, is derived and rendered by several hundred lines of code at the time the page request reaches the server. THIS SITE IS SELF-MAINTAINING. The daily content updates at midnight CDT. The weather target is -96.852/32.847.

Sad as it may be, there are those who have made a convincing case that pop culture is the most powerful factor influencing the way we think and conduct ourselves. If that's indeed the case, it's re-assuring to know that there are pop culture icons who are deep thinking intellectuals, eager to impart their wisdom, thus making them ideal role models for the younger generations. Today we acknowledge and celebrate the noble efforts of Britney Spears--actress, model, magician musician, and woman of letters. In her words...

The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff.
Britney Spears

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